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system locks when mounting a hard drive

Hello, I've been running debian for a couple of years
and now I'm running into a problem I can't figure out.

I have 6 ide controllers (ide0 to ide5). I just added
another hard drive to ide5 (it was empty before) and
now when I try to mount more than 8 drives the system
locks up. Even tryig to mount drives that worked before
causes the system to lock up. I've moved the drives
around (switching them from channel to channel) and I
can't seem to see any pattern as to why the system
would be locking up and I have no idea why adding
a new drive would cause the system to be completely

The irqs ad ioports all seem ok so I don't get it.
Any advice would be appreciated. If any other information
is needed please get back to me.

thx for the help,

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