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Re: mv on file deleted it?

On Tuesday 22 April 2003 23:11, Jonathan Schwarz wrote:
> I had a bunch of files that I had backed up from my old version of my
> website. I went to move them to my web dir, and I managed to delete
> them.
> I was in my home dir, and the command was like this:
> mv *105* /var/www/jschwarz

I don't think that this command can do any harm - except your mv
is something strange.

I suppose
a) You have aliased mv or have another mv in your path
  type mv
  If this echoes /bin/mv you should be lucky.

b) You typed something different to what you wrote here
  Go back in your shell-history and find the correct command.
  If that's not possible, try:
  find / -name "*105*"
  Then lite another cigarette and wait.

c) Another process just deleted everything from your /var/www/jschwarz
  Now it depends on your filesystem-type.
  AFAIK, only for ext2 exists a kind of undelete.
  In either case, it's probably easyest to restore from your backup.
  (Of course you have one, don't you?)

d) If neither a)-c) apply, your system must be really screwed up.

HTH, Michael

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