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A few tips for Debian Openmosix newbies

The version packaged in Debian unstable is 2.4-5. No file in the package
is younger than September 2002 and most date back from around July 2002.
The Debian package smells stale and should probably be orphaned unless
the maintainer emerges from hibernation.

While the world awaits a hero to takeover the maintenance of the
package, here is a quick and easy workaround. It worked for me, here is
how to do it on each node :

- Build an Openmosix capable kernel.
- Get the latest i386 userland tools RPM from openmosix.sourceforge.net
- Convert the the package from RPM to the Debian format using alien :
'alien openmosix-tools-0.3-1.i386.rpm'
- Install the resulting Debian package : 'dpkg -i
- In /etc/init.d/openmosix replace the two occurences of
'/var/lock/subsys' with '/var/lock'.
- Remove /etc/hpc.map
- Restart openmosix : '/etc/init.d/openmosix restart'
- Enjoy clustering bliss.

Et voilà.

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