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Re: Need help with lockups on tyan s2460 motherboard in SMP mode

This one time, at band camp, James D Strandboge said:
> I have a dual AMD 1600+ (MP processors) system with tyan s2460
> motherboard that freezes with no error messages in syslog.  I have read

My system has the same motherboard and CPUs. I recently had a problem where it 
would crash under heavy CPU load. The problem turned out to be dust impacted 
in the heat sink fins. It wasn't visible from the outside of the heat sinks 
at all. After removing the fans, it was obvious. I vacuumed them out and 
haven't had any trouble since.

You can use the program burnK7 from the cpuburn package to test your box's 
thermal capabilities. You need to run two instances -- one for each CPU. I 
usually open 3 virtual terminals and run one burnK7 on each and top in the 
third. If your problem is thermal related, this should find it.

These motherboards are also very picky about RAM. There's a recommended memory 
list on the Tyan site. They also don't like Radeon 9000 and higher cards very 


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