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Re: Need help with lockups on tyan s2460 motherboard in SMP mode

On 22 Apr 2003, James D Strandboge wrote:

> I have googled a lot on this issue, but if there is somewhere else I can
> look, please tell me.
> I have a dual AMD 1600+ (MP processors) system with tyan s2460
> motherboard that freezes with no error messages in syslog.  I have read
> (among a lot of other things):
> http://ouray.cudenver.edu/~etumenba/smp-howto/SMP-HOWTO.html
> and what I have done so far is:
> replaced power supply with Enermax 550
> BIOS upgrade to 1.05
> kernels used are 2.4.18 from debian, 2.4.20 and 2.4.21-pre6 
> compiled in acpi (acpi-200303028-2.4.21-pre6)
> compiled out acpi
> compiled with and without Athlon support
> Currently using 2.4.21-pre6 for i386

make sure you have athlon support ... or you're dead,
some p3/p4 instructions will crash on athlons

make sure you have smp turned on in the kernel
	( top -i should list both cpu .. easy/simple test )

make sure you have ecc or no ecc set properly for your bios for the memory

make sure you have the cpu and memory fsb setings correctly set for
pc-2100 or pc-2700 memory

c ya
- ever wonder why cpu's have a 400Mhz or 533Mhz fsb but the memory is only
  a 266Mhz fsb ( pc-2100 )  or 333Mhz fsb ( pc-2700 ) ??
	-- 533Mhz fsb cpu just sitting and waiting on memory ??

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