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Network Problem

Hi again,

If you remember from last week, I had problems with my network connection. Well my network connection went down again (I haven't had a chance to use my computer all weekend...).

If I have overlooked something already suggested here, please tell me - as I may not have followed everything you guys said to the letter. Please be patient...

About DHCP: I didn't use it while installing Debian (it couldn't retrive the required info) I manually configured my network connection. However maybe it is messing things up somehow nevertheless.

I couldn't get my network connection back by using: "/etc/init.d/networking restart". I got a message: "Reconfiguring network interfaces... done." But no network connection.

This http://www.uni-magdeburg.de/orford/network_info.txt is a file with info from:
tail -n 30 /var/log/syslog

Hope you guys can help,


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