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Re: Network problem

i've used the nat-semi module for my fa311 netgear card w/o problem. maybe there is a 'wake-on-lan' feature w/ the tulip mod?

John Orford wrote:

I hope it's ok to post this question here, I am a Linux/Debian beginner and I really have no idea where to go...

Anyway, after an hour or two of being online I get cut off (it seems to be fairly random) - after rebooting all is ok again. So I guess it's a Software problem.

I have a lan connection, the network guy said that the network was ok.

I never had any problems when I had the usual KDE2, 2.2 kernel debian installation. I generally only run mozilla over the net, sometimes Konquerer, SSH and RealPlayer.

I use a tulip module for my netgear card.

This is really killing me - cos I don't where to begin looking for the solution.

Help, would be appreciated.


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