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Re: Samba Access

Daniel L. Miller wrote:
Thanx for the response.

One change I just made - my Windows password was different from my
Unix/Samba password.  I changed that and I now have access to a shared
directory - yeah!

Now, I need to get access to a printer.  I've installed an HP DesignJet
using CUPS.  I've shared it using Samba.  I can connect to the printer,
and it says "ready" in the printers folders.  But opening the status
window for the printer results in an access denied message.


I struggled getting the Windows ---> Samba ---> CUPS ---> HP printer route going here. The solution I finally wound up using was to use a "Post Script" driver on the Windows machine. I used the "generic" PS windows driver from Adobe, but if your printer has one already available in Windows, then you could probably use it. The regualar HP PCL drivers in Windows "should" be able to be made to work, but I never got the right combo. CUPS will accept PS input just fine.

-Don Spoon-

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