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Re: H.E.L.P.

Quoting Claude Gauthier <claude_r_gauthier@videotron.ca>:

> Ok, first of all, I am in no way a Linux expert
> 2) I have read, re-read so many various manuals, and how-to's i'm about to
> throw-up
> 3) I want to use this Debian beast, but somehow, something isnt' right.
> Let's start with what I can get to work
> I have a PII 266 which I installed Debian Woody 2.4.20
> this box has eth0 <--
> and eth1 <-- dchp <-- USB modem for the Internet
> I have a surecom Etherperfect 5 port hub for which eth0 is connected into
> I have my Windows Box which is also connected to the hub. >
> I can get the network up and runnning, which means they can ping each other
> and if I get Apache installed and I set the proxy rules, then I can set the
> proxy address in IE for Win and get access to the Web.
> my frustration is with Shorewall.
> I want to give my Windows box full access to the web from my Linux Box.
> And I have downloaded the latest shorewall, I made sure IPTables are
> updated
> and I do follow the Basic Two-Interface firewall drill, and I get nowhere.
> HELP!!

You probably should install ipmasq

#apt-get install ipmasq

You may also want to re-read your how to's. 
Networking and firewall/ipmasq how to's.

Your almost there.
Good luck.


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