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Re: Sarge Release

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 01:58:57PM -0500, David Krider wrote:
> Is there any sort of thought in the Debian developer community about
> cutting back on the number of packages and/or supported platforms in
> order to get the distro more on-par with others in terms of package
> currency? I was both excited and frightened when I read that Debian is
> looking to add various BSD kernels to their supported platforms list.
> It's a two-edged sword, but the bottom line is that it will surely drag
> out the release schedule to even longer timeframes.

(beware, IANADD, although I maintain one small package)

IIRC, what usually takes the most time is the installer. Dropping
packages will not help. Basically, any package that is not important
that contains release critical bugs is dropped if the bugs are not fixed
at the end of the freeze. Of course, for important packages this does
not work, but they can not be removed in advance either.
Dropping architectures will likely not help either. Most packages
compile on all architectures without (hard) problems, and if there are
problems, they mostly occur before the package enters testing (unless
the build system is changed or there are major changes upstream)
Once a package compiles and is installable on all architectures, only
bugs that affect all architectures are release critical, so they would
exist even if debian was linux-i386 only.
One thing that has held up releases in the past is the installer. 

I guess outdated versions are mostly caused by the slowish release
schedule. If a package in sid is an old version, there is not much that
can be done (except trying to activate the maintainer or taking over the

> Maybe I'm asking the wrong list,

Maybe debian-devel would be better suited. However, this subject leads
to a flamewar rather often, and there are already two very busy
flamewars right now. You might try searching the archives.


> dk
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