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Re: Sarge Release

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 01:58:57PM -0500, David Krider wrote:

> Is there any sort of thought in the Debian developer community about
> cutting back on the number of packages and/or supported platforms in
> order to get the distro more on-par with others in terms of package
> currency? I was both excited and frightened when I read that Debian is
> looking to add various BSD kernels to their supported platforms list.
> It's a two-edged sword, but the bottom line is that it will surely
> drag out the release schedule to even longer timeframes.

Debian most likely has what you want, it just might take a little change
in how you approach things.  Remember that there are at minimum three
branches: stable, testing, and unstable.  If you want rock solid
performance and stability, stable is where you want to be.  If on the
other hand you want newer packages, you have a few options.  However,
all of them are not as thoroughly tested as the stable branch.  You can
use "pinning" to pull packages from testing or unstable as needed, or
you can move to the testing or unstable branch.

Jamin W. Collins

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