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Re: Very slow 3d games

well, i have similar problem with my nb with 1Ghz p3&sis shared mem chip:
the shared mem costs you graphics performance (very much) & cpu performance, since the cpu doest get the full mem performence it was designed for...for me it is even sometimes a prob with things like presentations or math software...so if you want to play games, buy another graphics card....anythings should be better as it is now i think


PS: I got 1-5 fps with jedi knight 2 & 4-10 fps with quake3 (both win2k, since the accelerated functions(welll...) i got working in linux just recently and with unaccelerated vesa, it won't be better i think....
...when we where playing together even a friend of mine with p3 800 and a rage mobilty gpu (i think mach64 based...) got better performence.....

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