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IBM Aptiva with Creative Vibra 128 and Libranet 2.7

My daughter's IBM Aptiva has a SoundBlaster compatible card, a Creative
Vibra 128. This is detected by Xadminmenu (Libranet 2.7) as an Ensoniq
5880 Audio PCI. In either case, I have googl'ed my way to info that
either listing requires the Ensoniq ES1371 driver. I have tried this
both with the Libranet/Debian "native" driver, as well as the ALSA
Ensoniq ES1371 driver. I have even re-run alsaconf manually to make sure
that the correct driver was loaded, but I can't seem to get any sound
out of this configuration. I have also tried to run "aumix" and turn up
"volume" and "pcm" to maximum with no success. Any ideas?



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