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Re: IBM Aptiva with Creative Vibra 128 and Libranet 2.7

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003 16:28:47 +0700
Brian Durant <durant@cbn.net.id> wrote:

> My daughter's IBM Aptiva has a SoundBlaster compatible card, a Creative
> Vibra 128. This is detected by Xadminmenu (Libranet 2.7) as an Ensoniq
> 5880 Audio PCI. In either case, I have googl'ed my way to info that
> either listing requires the Ensoniq ES1371 driver. I have tried this
> both with the Libranet/Debian "native" driver, as well as the ALSA
> Ensoniq ES1371 driver. I have even re-run alsaconf manually to make sure
> that the correct driver was loaded, but I can't seem to get any sound
> out of this configuration. I have also tried to run "aumix" and turn up
> "volume" and "pcm" to maximum with no success. Any ideas?

If you got Alsa installed, you need to run (as root) "alsaconf" for configuration, and then "alsamixer" to set the volume.

Not guaranteed to solve your problem, but worth a try.

 - Robert

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