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Re: Running SpamAssassin on an old Pentium

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On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 09:15:48PM -0500, Jesse Meyer waxed eloquent and said:
> On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Sam Varghese wrote:
> > I'm writing to find out how much overhead will be created by running
> > SpamAssassin on a P-133 which is already handling quite a few tasks.
> > 
> > The box in question serves as the dial-in server for about 60 people,
> > runs a caching-only DNS and also serves as a firewall.
> The question is, how many messages are these people receiving a day, and
> what is the average CPU load?  Then, how many messages can spamassassin
> handle each day?
> Lets test:
> 1) Start spamd manually
> 2) Write a small script to print the time, go through each file in the 
> 	directory and pipe it to spamc, then print the time again.
> 3) Do a ls | wc -l

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Given the age and physical condition
of our subscribers, they all tend to get rather ratty over the smallest
hiccup. So on the balance, I think I'll start looking around for a
second-hand server which is a bit more robust and then implement
SpamAssassin. BTW, for those of you are interested in having a look at what
exactly we do, the URL is http://www.vicnet.net.au/~rpds/

Thanks once again,

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Sam Varghese
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