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Re: strange things: a) sticky vfat

on Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 05:51:37AM +0200, schnobs@babylon-kino.de (schnobs@babylon-kino.de) wrote:
> Hello,
> I had some strange things happening to me the past
> few days, while installing on a box pieced together
> from medieval-to-ancient hardware.
> First: sticky vfat.
> one disk was ripped from a windows machine: 500MB vfat.
> I created a ext2 filesystem using cfdisk & mke2fs.
> Next, I had plenty of errors that file permissions couldn't be
> set etc. 
> It took me quite some time, and a friend suggesting a look
> at /etc/mtab to figure out that although I had by the time
> run mke2fs and e2fsck several times, the disk was still auto-
> mounted as vfat.
> No wonder with the permissions....
> To make matters worse, when telling mount that this was,
> in fact, an ext2 filesystem, it would report an error and
> suggest to run e2fsck -- iow, the disk was mounted read-only
> at boottime.
> I eventually got rid of it by creating and using swap space
> on the disk, then repartitioning as ext2. Now it works.
> Still, I wonder why vfat was so persistent. Does anyone know?  

Did you change the partition type from its DOS value (usually 1 - F and
then some) to GNU/Linux native (83)?  That's about the only thing I can
think of offhand.  Unless you'd failed to specify a filesystem type in
/etc/fstab (poor idea).


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