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strange things: b) lilo & syslog


I had some strange things happening to me the past
few days, while installing on a box pieced together
from medieval-to-ancient hardware.

part two:
when editing lilo.conf, I uncommented the 'compact' entry. 
However, as a result, syslogd took about a minute to start.
The same thing with starting emacs: +- 60 seconds whithout
noticeable hardware activity until eventually emacs was up.

Following the good rule to undo your last change when something
goes wrong, I commented out the line in lilo.conf and everyting
works as it did before.

So far so good, and as I'm booting from harddisk, having 'compact' enabled would have been 
mere cosmetics anyway.
But I do not understand how the one affects the other.
Any ideas?


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