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Re: How can I get Gnome 2 set up, on unstable?

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 11:24:28AM -0400, stan wrote:
> I'm trying to build an unstable machien this weekend. 
> I wan't to use Gnome2, but Wehn I log in using gdm, I just get a pop up
> error about not being able to run the Gnome configuration process.
> Can anyone enlighten me as to how to get this workig?

How did you install the gnome2 packages?  One at a time, or did you use one of
the meta packages like 'gnome' or 'gnome-core' ?

You can certainly get the proper packages one at a time but its probably
easier to install one of the above.  Both should do the trick but the 
'gnome' meta-package pulls in (depends upon) a few big packages that you 
may not want or need such as Evolution and Galeon.

If that doesn't work, try moving/renaming/deleting ~/.gnome* ~/.gconf*

It's also possible that some necessary fonts aren't installed. Make sure
that you have at least xfonts-100dpi or 75dpi and xfonts-base installed.

Last, it may be useful to kill gdm, and try to start X from the console.  There
may be useful error messages output to the console or in /var/log/XFree86*log


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