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problem with fdisk

I'm running debian 2.2.19pre17 and I'm trying
to fdisk a new hard drive I just purchased.
I have the hard drive on a pci ide addon card in the
system and it's set up as dev hdj and I'm pretty
sure that I have it set up properly using mknod (I
had another drive at hdj and it worked) but whenever
I try to fdisk the drive my system locks up.

The drive is detected properly and is reported as
having no partition on boot up. It's reported
in proc/partitions as are all my other drives (which
I can fdisk with no problem).

This drive is currently set up as slave with no master.
I had it set up earlier as master with and without a
slave drive with the same crashing problem. When
I fdisked the other drive (slave with this one set
up as master) it locked.

Ok, slight change in what's happening. My system still
locks when I try to use this drive but i removed
a bunch of my other drives and was able to fdisk
this drive and make the filesystem and mount it.
But when I put the other drives back in the system
it locks up when I try to mount it. Any ideas?

Is there any other information needed to diagnose this


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