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Re: new kernel, now no network

Well, it is a week since I had almost the exact same problem (thanks guys for the advice ...) but still striving to get connected using the 2.4.20 kernel ...

Fitz Hugh Ludlow wrote:

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Subject: Re: new kernel, now no network

"Fitz Hugh Ludlow" <fhludlow@sbcglobal.net> writes:

I got a new kernel installed (woody from 2.2.20 to 2.4.20) following
these instructions

Ifconfig says device not found.

That's probably the best indicator that the kernel doesn't have a
network driver it believes in.  Do the boot messages (or 'dmesg') say
anything informative?  'lspci' shows that the card exists, right?

OK here lspci does _not_ show a card. I have a Billionton 10/100 which needs axnet_cs (and yes, I think I do need a steenkin' PCMCIA when I make xconfig) ... ifup eth0 ifdown and ifconfig are otherwise a match for me. Searching in modules as described by you is the same.

lspci shows it.  It's a 3c905 - TX.  I'm pretty sure I didn't do all the
steps to actually get it into the kernel.

So I downloaded, compiled and installed the 3c59x module.  Then installed
the pci-scan module that it is evidently dependant on.  I put lines in
/etc/modules/aliases and ran update-modules to get them into the
modules.conf.  I added lines to /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/modules

Tried to edit /etc/modules with axnet_cs and pcmcia_cs ... no result.

Now the module loads, but says "unused" in lsmod.  dmesg has zero info.  I
can't find any mention of it whatsoever in /var/log/ either.


Should the mere act of loading the module cause it to probe and look for the
nic?  Will this activity be logged anywhere?  Should /etc/init.d/networking
restart cause it to look for the nic?
It says,
eth1: ERROR while getting interface flags no such device
bind socket to interface: no such device

When I went to /etc/init.d/networking restart I got zero response. Zilch. Return to command line.

kern.log shows one major difference to the 2.2.20 messages:

cs: warning: no high memory space available!
cs: unable to map card memory!
debian last message repeated 3 times

no mention of an ethernet (should be ASIX AX88190)

Any ideas now? I have recompiled the kernel a "few" more times and have scraped the bottom of the barrel of my knowledge...

Many thanks


Brian F. Walker
Registered Linux User 270078
Debian GNU/Linux

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