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Re: Temporary package from source

Am Don, 2003-04-17 um 11.07 schrieb Ivo van Heel:
> > - d/l old source.deb (apt-get source blahhh)
> If we just need the control file, can it not be fetched from apt-cache, 
> though?

I dunno ;)

> > - Now ./configure your new source package with the option
> >   --prefix=/tmp/new
> > - make and make install
> This would be somewhat harder with more complex packages, like sendmail, 
> where individual binaries get installed independently, overwriting the 
> old ones. 

I've never installed sendmail from source (i don't even use it) but if
it can be ./configured with a --prefix setting it should work, too.

> Also, as I said, this wouldn't be possible with a Mozilla 
> binary install. 

In theory it should be possible. /me digs out a mozilla binary

- get the mozilla control-file from the binary .deb
- mkdir -p /tmp/moz/opt/mozilla/
- mkdir -p /tmp/moz/DEBIAN
- Edit the control-file and move it to /tmp/moz/DEBIAN
- D/L the mozilla installer of your choice/language
- install mozilla into /tmp/moz/opt/mozilla
- build the .deb with the target directory /tmp/moz

In *theory* this should be enough to have a .deb which installs mozilla
to /opt/mozilla (there may be better places for it though)

> > NOTE: Do *not* do this with system critical packages since this
> > description leaves out a *lot* of details on how to build a proper .deb.
> Would sendmail be one such critical package? :) That's the one my 
> question is really about.

No. I was more thinking about packages which can render your system
FUBAR if not properly installed (think libc / kernelimages). If you
skrew up with your own sendmail.deb just apt-get remove it and install
the official one instead.


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