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Re: Hardware Upgrade query ?

> The same query with memory, I have 128MB now all AOK, Looking at
> getting 512MB, is there an upper limit ?
well there are severall but for standard x86 architechure it gets
problematic above 3.5 GB of ram which should be enougth for personal

> AMD Athlon XP2400 Processor
> MSI MS-6712 KT4 Motherboard
> Anybody got any comments about this combination ? The XP bit, just
> optimised for win XP ? I trust this will run debian OK ?
well I doubt there will be a problem....i don't know wich hw components
are onboard but there should not be a problem with the mayor components
(ide,pci,... and even sound i think...).
and athlonxp does not have anything to do with win xp....
mine (1700+) works fine under linux...even the gcc 3.2 has a special
optimisation for the athlon xp....

so, it should work fine...I don't know about the hdd limits...but i
doubt that the drivers are not updated yet and a new controller should
be up to it...my biggest hdd is under the limit of 128GB at 120 hb so
its just a gues though...

i hope i could help

albert dengg

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