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Re: Newbie problems

Shri Shrikumar writes:
On Wed, 2003-04-16 at 03:46, ajitabhpandey@softhome.net wrote:
Hi, I am using Knoppix 3.1 which is based on Debian unstable. I am having following problems:

(2.) Even after I log in as a user from console, the keyboard is not behaving in the manner it should. When I press / I get a - on the screen, when I press - I get some junk character. I have checked the /etc/profile, the LANG variable was de_DE and I changed it to en_US, still the same problem. Please suggest.

Before you boot, press F2. There is an option there to change the
keyboard layout.

No there isn't any option once you install knoppix on harddisk. I have double checked.
(3.)When I try to install evolution I get the following error:

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list to remove all the unnecessary sources lines.
Just leave the unstable one in. AFAIK, Evolution is installed by

Yes I did that and when I ran apt-get update it ran successfully and has updated the package list. But now when I do apt-get install evolution I get a long list of packages (approx 50MB)which will be installed and surely evolution does not depend on them. I checked the dependency list of evolution from the debian web site. So what do I do if I only want to install evolution and the component on which it is dependent (approx 10 MB)
Ajitabh Pandey

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