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Re: Please reply to me directly

Theresa Gardner <groovylady19@yahoo.com> writes:

> I am currently running GNU bash, version
> 2.05b.0(1)-release (i386-pc-linux-gnu).
This is not really relevant.

> I access this server through a window's machine with
> an SSH shell, and can still access pine through this
> shell as well. I just can't get to it through the http
> address.
> If it was just me I wouldn't mind it, but his mother
> can't even figure out how to create a yahoo account,
> so the concept of shells and logging in and pine is a
> little foreign for her (though I've tried to explain
> it.)

Squirrelmail has 3 parts:
1)Web server (usually apache)
This allows Squirrelmail to communicate with web browsers such as
internet explorer.

2)Imap server
Email is stored on an imap server and squirrelmail accesses it through
imap accounts. The server can be running on a seperate computer.

3)Squirrelmail itself (bunch of php files)
This is squirrelmail itself.

To access your mail via the web (internet explorer), you need to be
running a web server. In 99% of cases this is going to be apache, but
any web server will do. You should therefore check whether or not a
web server is running.

If a web server is running but you can't get the squirrelmail login
screen then that's another problem.

If you can get the squirrelmail screen but it won't accept your
password that could be the result of another series of problems.

So please indicate exactly where the problem lies.

Hope that helps,

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