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Please reply to me directly

I am currently running GNU bash, version
2.05b.0(1)-release (i386-pc-linux-gnu).

Here's my problem:
My ex-boyfriend, a very savy computer person, set up a
debian server for his family. He also
set up a mail server through squirrelmail.
He then left on a two year mission, and left me in

This would be fine if nothing went wrong as I know
only how to update and upgrade the system.

I know very little about debian and am now trying to
understand why when I updated about a week ago, I
suddenly can't access the mail server through internet

I access this server through a window's machine with
an SSH shell, and can still access pine through this
shell as well. I just can't get to it through the http

If it was just me I wouldn't mind it, but his mother
can't even figure out how to create a yahoo account,
so the concept of shells and logging in and pine is a
little foreign for her (though I've tried to explain

Is there anyone who has run into this problem before
and could help me with it?
I've tried asking squirrelmail, but they say it's not
their problem and I should consult a debian list serv
so here I am.

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