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Re: Hardware Upgrade query ?

On Wednesday 16 April 2003 22:44, Dave Selby wrote:
> I am updating my PC, and have a couple of queries ......
> I have heard that debian cannot access the realy large hard drives
> that are avalible now, I have an 80G drive at present works no
> problem, any idea what the limit is so I dont go above it ?

I haven't heard about this. A while ago, on another tread (ReiserFS 
review I think) this was also mentioned, but no, if even such a limit 
exists, it's not a OS limit.
> The same query with memory, I have 128MB now all AOK, Looking at
> getting 512MB, is there an upper limit ?

There are kernels, specially compiled for more than 4 GB RAM
> AMD Athlon XP2400 Processor
> MSI MS-6712 KT4 Motherboard
> Anybody got any comments about this combination ? The XP bit, just
> optimised for win XP ? I trust this will run debian OK ?

The XP in Athlon proccessor, isn't the same as the XP in M$ Windoze. I 
don't remember what this XP stands for, but I remember that it's 
diffrent that Micro$oft one's. It will work fine with Debian.

I haev no ideaabout this motherboard thought, but generaly, motherboard 
is not the problem, but if it does have some kind of weird inboard 
soundcard or video card, those may cause problems. But AFAIK
MSI products are usually good.

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Aryan Ameri

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