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Re: exim - spamfiltering strategy

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 04:50:38PM +0200, Johann Spies wrote:

| My setup is is as follows:
| Three mail servers together delivering up to 180 000 emails per day.
| We use exim 4.x with exiscan to scan email for virusses.

exiscan has options for including spamassassin as well.

| I guess we
| have more than 20000 email users on campus. Inside our campus we have
| a few exchange servers and other machines receiving mails.  I have
| received requests from my superiors to take measures to filter spam at
| the server level.
| It seems to me that the procmail option is not going to work here.

Without some odd kludges, that is correct.  Procmail is intended as an
end-of-the-line per-user filter.

| Is there a way to get bogofilter or spamoracle or something similar
| to work with exim in the way spamassassin works with exim

If they work like spamasassin (that is, stdin->scanner->stdout) then
most definitely.  Adjust the procedure in
http://dman.ddts.net/~dman/config_docs/exim4_spamassin.html for those

| - or is spamassassin the best solution?

I'd use it.  (I do use it)  I just need to upgrade now since the older
ruleset is allowing a bit too much through now.


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