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Re: exim - spamfiltering strategy

Johann Spies wrote:

I have read a about exim and spamassassin working together.

Some of the other anti-spam programs need something like procmail
(e.g. spamoracle and bogofilter) as I understand it.  Both spamoracle
and bogofilter makes use of statistical analysis to determine spam.

My setup is is as follows:

Three mail servers together delivering up to 180 000 emails per day.
We use exim 4.x with exiscan to scan email for virusses.  I guess we
have more than 20000 email users on campus. Inside our campus we have
a few exchange servers and other machines receiving mails.  I have
received requests from my superiors to take measures to filter spam at
the server level.

It seems to me that the procmail option is not going to work here.  Is
there a way to get bogofilter or spamoracle or something similar to
work with exim in the way spamassassin works with exim - or is
spamassassin the best solution?

Set up an incoming/outgoing SMTP gateway system in your DMZ network. I use Postfix, Amavisd-new, SpamAssassin and Sophos to scan our mail at work, and it's worked well. We only have 350 users, not the 20000 you have, but you should be able to ramp up a scanner to suit your needs.


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