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Re: xcdroast coasters

> On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 12:26:22PM -0700, nate wrote:
>> Tom Allison wrote:
>> > I've heard a lot of good things about xcdroast.
>> > But I have never EVER made anything but coasters with this one.
>> However,
>> > it did work in Windows and it can burn very small ISO's (gentoo
>> > installation CD).
> ...but from your January post, it didn't work very well in Windoze?
> My CORDS experience is similar - after the drive has been writing for
> so long it doesn't want to know anymore, so it's much easier to burn
> small images than large ones.
> I guess it's not impossible that the lubricant on the track has dried
> up and the head is no longer moving smoothly, so a tiny drop of
> silicone oil might sort it out. This is sometimes the problem with
> audio CD players that crap out after playing a few tracks. I haven't
> tried it as a cure for CORDS though.

"CORDS" ???

Now I tried an audio CD once and it recorded the first few songs well. 
After that it went into an increasing "warble" of the music.


How? / Where?

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