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Re: Partitioning GUI tools

Travis Crump said:

> Something like nparted, just still supported. :) cfdisk exits with a
> fatal error["FATAL ERROR: Bad logical partition 6: enlarged logical

hmm haven't seen that message before, from your fdisk -l output the
partition table LOOKS ok to me, though took a few minutes to get
all the cylnders in order so I could see if there was anything overlapping.

I would reccomend investigating what that error means, or move the
data off /dev/hda6 and delete that partition and see if the error goes
away then try to create it again. You may run into trouble at some
point down the road if the partition table is incorrect/has errors.
that partition looks to be only about 20meg so it shouldn't be difficult
if you DO this be sure to reboot after deleting the partition, for
changes to take effect(fdisk will tell you to do so), the system won't
be able to properly update the partition table of a disk that is in
use(unless you can unmount all other filesystems on that disk first)

besides cfdisk I'm not sure what else to reccomend, it works good
for me though, only time I use fdisk is when I'm using a new disk,
to write the initial label, I think cfdisk can do this too but
haven't investigated(otherwise on a new disk cfdisk says invalid
label or something and exits).


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