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Re: Partitioning GUI tools

Travis Crump said:
> What are people's preferred program for doing partitioning with a GUI?  I
> used to use nparted, but it has been removed from testing/unstable and
> while I still have it installed, I assume there was a reason for its
> removal.  I looked at parted, but I am not really comfortable with[read:
> scared of] the CLI.  d-i appears to be using an internally developed app
> called partitioner, but I haven't been able to find debs, only
> udebs[which depend on other udebs...].  So what are people using as a
> successor to nparted?  [Note:  I say GUI, but I would really prefer
> something like nparted which can be run from the console, though I would
> be happy with a full-blown X-based app]

not having used any of those apps I use cfdisk usually ..what kind of
features you looking for?


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