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upgrading from 2.2 to 2.4 (no /lib/modules built?)


I apologize profusely in advance if this is one of those "been asked a
million times already" kinds of questions, but googling doesn't seem to help
and after many hours of struggling and failing, I give up.

I've been submerged for the past three days fighting to upgrade my 2.2
kernel to 2.4.  I've religiously followed both the kernel-howto and the
debian specific instructions on upgrading using make-kpkg.  I can get pretty
far, but both methods leave me with no 2.4 series modules in /lib/modules on
boot and my machine gives me a big "huh? Where's 3c59x.o?  Where's this
module?" etc. because the build process created no /lib/modules/linux-2.4.20
or the like.

So any pointers, URLs, "you're an idiot", _anything_ really, to help will be
much appreciated.  I must say that I've learned a lot by doing this and I'm
not afraid to recompile my kernel anymore, so that's a good thing (tm).

I'd be happy to provide more specific information if requested, I'm just not
sure what to tell you first.



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