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Re: upgrading from 2.2 to 2.4 (no /lib/modules built?)

drew cohan said:

> So any pointers, URLs, "you're an idiot", _anything_ really, to help will
> be much appreciated.  I must say that I've learned a lot by doing this and
> I'm not afraid to recompile my kernel anymore, so that's a good thing
> (tm).

if your building a kernel the old fashioned way did you 'make modules_install'
did you configure any modules? when I build my kernels I much prefer to
have everything I can statically built into the kernel itself.

look at your /usr/src/linux/.config (or wherever you stored the kenrel
source there should be a .config file) for options that have an "m" at
the end ..

posting your config file may help too.


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