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RE: Networking - dhcp-client

Elizabeth writes:

>Perhaps your host name or using the RFC1541 option? (dhcpcd)


> -h  hostname

> -r
I have tried both off these to no avail.
>There is also the:

> -d
>      Forces dhcpcd to run in the foreground.
>      option so perhaps you could watch it try to obtain the IP address.

Not tried this. As per my first messeage I have been relying on the /var/log/syslog (only thought of that after I had removed the dhcpcd and installed dhcp-client:-))

>Are there any odd switches like that for dhcp-client?

There is a config file that is optional. You can pass the above type info in that file and it is fed into a bash script that uses ifconfig to do most of the work from what I can gather.

>But, if you have tcpdump, I advise watching what happens for a
>while and see if you can figure it out from there.

Thanks. This could well be worth a look.

       Alan Lakin
Wallington, Surrey

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