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RE: Networking - dhcp-client

Barry said:

>Typically IPs are doled out based on MAC address of the NIC so if you are
>trying to connect two different machines, that would be a problem.  Dual
>booting a machine should not be a problem since the MAC address doesn't

>However, that being said, some DHCP server can be made to filter on
>host-name as well.  I know that when Cox was still @home, you had to have a
>specific host name configured before receiving an IP address. Some providers
>may still filter on the host name, so if you are using a different host
>name/MAC address combination between Windows and Linux, that could be an
My main box is Mandrake9.0/Win98 dual boot with different host names (avocet/dodo). It makes a connection to my Smoothwall router/ dhcp/ firewall server whether in either mode. It is the Debian/Win95 box that will not run in linux mode. I see it as a client issue on the Debian box as all of the other combinations play ball. 

>My suggestion, if you have the funds available is to install an inexpensive
>D-Link, Linksys, etc. cable router.  It gets your external IP from the
>provider and keeps it, and you can do whatever you want behind it.

I considered this, BUT, in the spirit of the linux community I used up some old hardware bits and built a Smoothwall server. It appears to work flawlessly, unless we can pin this problem on it - but I really think not.

       Alan Lakin
Wallington, Surrey

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