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Re: MTA: usage of smart host

on Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 10:33:59PM -0500, Jeffrey L. Taylor (jeff@austinblues.dyndns.org) wrote:
> Quoting Karsten M. Self <kmself@ix.netcom.com>:
> > The page reports my IP as clean.  In other words:  they're blocking me,
> > but they can't tell me why they're doing so.  I posted this to the
> > Slashdot story.
> > 
> > One direct response I received was for how to implement SMTP denial to
> > domains in sendmail, as I suggested in the Slashdot piece.  Wondering if
> > those of you using various MTAs could post the appropriate recipies
> > here.
> > 
> > Peace.
> > 
> So not only do you not want to send your mother e-mail, you don't want
> to receive e-mail from her either?  And this makes the Internet a
> better and more open place?

AOL made an arbitrary decision without informing its subscribers.

Mom's set up with a GNU/Linux box and Earthlink dialup, should she care
to use it.  Don't worry, I'll be able to mail her.

AOL, OTOH, might be advised about arbitrarially turning its back on
large portions of the 'Net.


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