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Re: Firewall or bridge?

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I can't speak for better.

we went the way we did because we have a fixed IP network and NAT would
have meant reconfiguring all the desktop machines.

in turn if the firewall should fail (we weren't entirely confident and
this was out first venture into this sphere) then the desktop network
would have needed to be reconfigured before normal operations could resume.

If you want to get a firewall in with no disruption to the network then
the bridging solution works very well.

If you're willing to disrupt the existing network then NAT is proabaly
easier for much the same benefit.

Does that help?

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>>you can get bridging code to compile a new kernel with.
>>then you can run firewall scripts over the top of that.
>>google and you shall find.
>>My office built up a HP p200 into a bridging firewall for our desktop
> One of my customers uses NAT, and they want a firewall.  Is the above a
> better solution than creating another subnet between the firewall and the
> existing one, and routing?
> A

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