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Re: E-mail Scam, Addressess being collected of mailing list :: Advice Requested

on Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 05:02:44AM -0700, S?r?ciya Kurdistan? (sereciya@kurdistan.ath.cx) wrote:
> Hello,
>   I just recieved an e-mail from "lawmbeki100@indiatimes.com", India,
>   and I recognized it as the Lawrence Mbeki Bank scam, which I heard
>   about in our discussions with some friends.
>   I have reason to believe that these scammers are collecting e-mail
>   addresses off of our mailing list users, I'm taking this very
>   seriously and would like ask the more experienced of you on what
>   action to take next.

Deal with it.

I strongly recommend not munging your email address.  For the long
reason see:


Briefly, this is counterproductive on a number of fronts:

  - "They" (the spammers) win.  You're denying yourself and others the
    value of your email address.
  - Spammers don't see bounces.  Most forge reply addresses.
  - It's additional hassle for you and others.

Instead of munging your address, utilize a spam-blocking service or use
the filtering capabilities of your email software.  For GNU/Linux and
related 'Nix systems, I ***VERY*** strongly endorse SpamAssassin:


Thank you.


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