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E-mail Scam, Addressess being collected of mailing list :: Advice Requested


  I just recieved an e-mail from "lawmbeki100@indiatimes.com", India, and
  I recognized it as the Lawrence Mbeki Bank scam, which I heard about in
  our discussions with some friends.

  I have reason to believe that these scammers are collecting e-mail addresses
  off of our mailing list users, I'm taking this very seriously and would like
  ask the more experienced of you on what action to take next.

  I appologize in advance for posting off topic; I thought that this would
  concern a lot of the users.

  I have already forwarded the e-mail to the Federal Trade Commission
  "UCE@FTC.GOV", and I filled out their form to ensure that they have all
  the information needed, however, I think that something needs to be done
  to protect the mailing list users.

  What further action can be taken?

  All advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

--$rciya Kurdistan

I will try to attach the original e-mail message, if it does not
show up, please feel free to contact me.

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  translation provided on request: sereciya@kurdistan.ath.cx

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