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Re: spammers using my name in their From:

on Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 06:36:46PM -0400, sean finney (seanius@seanius.net) wrote:
> hey -users,
> lately i've been getting a lot of bounces from what looks to have been
> spammers using my domainname in their From: fields.  is there anything
> i can do to prevent and/or discourage folks from doing this?  i'd be
> particularly interested to hear any stories from folks who have tried
> to do something, such as talking with the abuse contacts for the isps
> of the spammers.

Make a policy of GPG signing your mail.  I did this for some time,
abandoned the practice when I was forced to switch to a remote box.
Intend to resume shortly.  I decided to start signing mail after I was
spoofed myself.

Publicize the issue if you run a website (some overeager antispam types
will assume you're sending spam without checking headers and noting
forgeries, this can save you some grief).  Have some canned copy if you
start getting accusatory messages, explaining the situation and
describing how to determine actual origins.

If you have the time and energy:  track down the responsible domains.
There's likely little you can do, however.  It's yet another small
whittling away of the utility of email.  I'd stick with the first two


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