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Re: postfix or exim?

Burkhard Ritter said on Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 12:29:04PM +0200:
> I had a look at several articles and also searched the mail archieves.
> Apparently postfix is the preferred solution, but I didn't really get the
> reasons for this. Lately I used exim locally and was quite happy with
> this.
> What are the advantages of postfix? What are your recommendations?

I use postfix at work.  I played around with Exim a bit, but I found that I
felt "better" about postfix's process model (many tiny daemons, running with
reduced privledge) than exim's.

Personally, I found postfix to be easier to configure; however, that's almost
certainly a personal preference.  I have friends who use exim and really like
it; both of them are very capable MTAs.

I'm not sure if exim does this or not, but postfix follows a "queue always"
model, which means that outgoing email feels faster, since it just gets put
into the queue, instead of trying to deliver it immediately, and only queueing
if it can't be delivered.


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