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Re: postfix or exim?

> I had a look at several articles and also searched the mail
> archieves. Apparently postfix is the preferred solution, but I
> didn't really get the reasons for this. Lately I used exim locally
> and was quite happy with this.

use the one which works for u...
i have'nt used postfix but exim works pretty fine for me. basically it
boils down to how many mails u'r gonna send through the server and
specific features that u require, like the type of mailbox supported
(mbox,maildir etc.) and how much time r u willing to spend on setting
it up. I used to use sendmail on redhat earlier because it was the
only one bundled by default, but when i switched to debian, it had
exim by default so i did'nt bother to spend the time configuring
sendmail cause exim worked for me. suit yourself.

Sharninder Singh
National Institute Of Management, Calcutta

'M.C.S.E - Minesweeper Consultant & Solitaire Expert'

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