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Re: evolution / SMTP not working: "we do not relay"

I had problems similar to this, and my answer from my ISP was that they and
many ISPs REQUIRE relaying through them (the ISP) SMTP server as opposed to my
Linux machine using its own SMTP to contact invididual mail servers with the
email I am sending out.

Interesting thing lately, is that now that I am hooked up to DSL and behind a
NAT router, the relay problems I use to have with using the same method are now

On 07-Apr-2003 David Fokkema wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have this problem each time I am connected to a different ISP, my usual
>> ISP
>> doesn't accept to send emails for me, even if I do make POP before SMTP.
>> Receiving works OK but posting always fail. I am wondering if its not a bug
>> in
>> evolution, or that the SMTP servers I am using have something against me.
> No. No ISP I know of will relay e-mail for you. The problem is that if you
> were able to send e-mails using another ISP's smtp server, it would be far
> too easy to send bulk spam mail. (In fact, unsecure smtp servers who _do_
> relay e-mail are frequently used for sending spam). You should use the
> smtp server of the ISP you are connected to. It will make no difference
> whatsoever for your e-mail headers (From: and Reply-to: addresses).
>> received: 553 <NerdyGeeks@yahoogroups.com>... We do not relay
> Exactly as it should be, ;-)
> HTH, David
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