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Re: galeon-snapshot - no 2nd toolbar?

On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 10:30, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> I `upgraded' to galeon-snapshot.  galeon had this ssecond toolbar below
> the navigation toolbar.  It had boxs for Google, Debian bugs and
> packages, and I could drag URL icons onto it for quick access to those
> sites.
> Is that great stuff gone for good?

If you're talking about Galeon 1.3.x...

I'm running Galeon 1.3.3, and those "smart bookmarks" are not in my
toolbar, but I think that's because I removed them.

You might need to somehow recreate these smart bookmarks.  I'm not sure
how you do this, but I think the Galeon home page has some information.

Have you discovered the myportal: page?  When used as a home page, I
find it much more useful than the smart bookmarks.

Hope this helps

Michael Wardle <michael.wardle@adacel.com>
Adacel Technologies

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