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Re: ogg to mp3?

On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 06:18:02PM -0400, Neal Lippman wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could suggest a utility for converting ogg
> files to mp3? I have a large collection of online albums in ogg, ripped
> from my cd collection. My wife just got a nice new mp3 player, so I have
> need to convert to mp3s for her to load up in the player. I could rip
> from the original cd's, of course, but that's a pain when I already have
> all the oggs on my server...

You can transcode them, but it's not a good idea because you get further
quality reductions.  Best to rerip.

If you _really_ want to do it, you should be able to convert an ogg into
a wav file by doing

ogg123 -d wav -f music.wav music.ogg

And then use LAME or whatever for reencoding to mp3.  Of course, you may
have to do some fiddling around if you want to preserve the tags in the
vorbis file as id3 tags.

Incidentally, the abcde package, which seems to do a great job and is
very customisable, supports encoding to multiple formats.  So when you
rip in the future, you could get abcde to rip both mp3 and ogg

- Chris

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