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Re: vim, tabs, and copying text

on Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 09:35:14PM +0200, Torquil Macdonald (torquil@frisurf.no) wrote:
> I have the following problem with vim inside an xterm:
> If I write a file with a TAB at the start of each line in VIM, and try to copy 
> and paste it, with the mouse, into another VIM running in another xterm, I 
> get one extra TAB for each line like this:
> 	lkk
> 	kh
> 	kjh
> becomes
> 	lkk
> 		kh
> 			kjh
> I also get this when copying from other programs into VIM. Any ideas?

My preferred solution:

    <paste text>

...that is, invoke a piped-in input from 'cat', paste your text, and end
the input with <ctrl>-D (the EOF marker).

This doesn't require two mode changes (insert/command, paste/nopaste)
for pase ops.  I find it pretty natural.


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