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konqueror and the https protocol

I asked this on debian-kde but got no response so far. Pehaps someone
here knows the answer?

I run a mostly testing Debian system and I'm trying to persuade the
version of konqueror that is in `testing' to support the https

I know that I need to add some packages from non-US, but I'm having
trouble finding out exactly which ones.

The archives of kde-debian from a year and half ago suggest that one

		    kdebase-crypto kdelibs3-crypto

If I try to install these, though, from either testing or unstable, I
am told that there are no installation candidates. For
kdebase-crypto, I'm told that it has been replaced by
kdebase-libs. But I already have the most recent version of that, and
konqueror still won't deal with https sites.

I have the non-US archives in sources.list.

Can anyone provide any help? I'd be very grateful,


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