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Re: disable one users email?

Quoting Paul Mackinney <paul_mackinney@mackinney.net>:
> > 
> You'll have to read the exim.conf documentation to find out how to
> customize the TRANSPORTS CONFIGURATION section and customize the
> local_delivery transport.
> Note that these methods will only stop them from sending & receiving
> mail using the account on that particular box, if they have internet
> access they have any number ways to send & receive email using other
> accounts unless you throttle their access back so much that they might
> as well not have an account (IMO). I'd be glad to hear from more
> experienced sysadmins on this, and I'm curious as to what's the problem
> with a normal user having mail access.

I agree with you that if a user has an account, they should have email.
The accounts are for Elementary students. Some of the teachers/staff don't 
want some kids to have access to email if they abuse it. (They could send 
nasty emails to other class mates) (We use IMP)
We use a squid proxy to help block commercial email sites from the school, but 
this will never stop a kid from sending email from their homes. 
Anyway, I hope I never have to block email accounts, but if the boss says so, 
then I guess I have to find a way. 
Thanks for your suggestions.


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