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Re: Vaio PCG-R505TSK Installation Trouble

    "Johannes" == Johannes Graumann <graumann@its.caltech.edu> writes:

    Johannes> Hello, I'm trying to install woody (bf 2.4) on my Vaio
    Johannes> PCG-R505TSK ... with no success.  After booting into the
    Johannes> bootfloppy cd with 'linux ide2=0x180,0x386" (to makte
    Johannes> the pcmcia cdrom drive work during the install) I can
    Johannes> install debian without any problems and the system comes
    Johannes> up after the installation system reboot with the
    Johannes> (ironic) congratulation that I have installed debian
    Johannes> sucessfully. Whatever I do next (and I have tried many a
    Johannes> thing ...) - upon next reboot the system gives me:
    Johannes> '<0>Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interupt handler! In
    Johannes> interupt handler - not syncing!'

    Johannes> What am I missing?

Hey, I caught you cross posting. No fair, you are asking me to reply
to the same question twice! ;-)

Take out the ide2=0x180,0x386 once you installed the base system and
have PCMCIA in there. That *should* fix it. If this is anything like
my N505VE the kernel panic is from PCMCIA trying to grab your CD ROM
device after the IDE driver already picked it.

Darn Sony and it's "I'll do it my way"....


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