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Re: First Ever Debian Install: my notes

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On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 04:37:45PM -0800, Bill Klintoe wrote:
> more options. You can read about debian's
> stable/testing/unstable releases on the Debian main
> site. Next, I had to make an /etc/apt/preferences file
> that looked like this:
> Package: *
> Pin: release a=unstable
> Pin-Priority: 600

Ack!  Avoid doing this!  Developers have spoken out against casual use
of pinning by users.  Pick a version and stick with it.


> working. One final problem, although sound was
> working, my favorite player xmms wasn't playing
> anything. I needed to get a program "apt-get install
> xmmsarts" which is the xmms arts output plugin. After
> installing that, I went into xmms, preferences, and
> changed the output driver to artsd (before that it was
> at the default OSS)

Either that, or get a sound card that Doesn't Suck(tm).  I'm partial
to the Soundblaster Live (kernel module emu10k) but I'm sure there's
others equally capable of playing multiple sounds at once so you don't
have to fart around with specialized sound daemons that not all
software has support for.

> apt-get remove <package>	for when i messed up and
> wanted a package gone

I can't remember what the option is for apt-get to do it, but you
might consider purging the package so it totally cleans up after
itself instead of leaving configs, caches or spools behind wasting
space.  With dpkg, it's dpkg --purge <package>.  Aptitude also has a
purge option, I think the keystroke is _

> and say how you got it working. I always find posts
> where people say "i figured it out" but don't tell how
> extremely annonying.

Ah, cool!  You get it!  Now if the one who keeps posting all requests
with the subject "urgent" then flames people in private email when
asked not to would only figure it out...

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